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By giving back to the university that gave him his start, William Mulrow shows his support for Yale University and his appreciation for his top-flight financial education.

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William Mulrow has endowed a scholarship program that enables worthy students to attend Yale University regardless of their financial assets or their family’s ability to pay.

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William Mulrow splits his time between employment at the Blackstone Group and five public housing agencies for which he serves as Chairman.

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Since his graduation from Yale University in 1978, William Mulrow has served on numerous boards and positions in the public housing and finance sector.

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William Mulrow first discovered his talent and passion for public finance at Yale University. He has spent the last 30 years pursuing this dream.

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William Mulrow‘s education at Yale University set the stage for his rise to the top of the financial world. Mulrow attributes much of his success to the lessons learned at this illustrious educational institution, stating, “At Yale, my classes, professors, and an internship in New Haven city hall lit a fire in me about public service.” Throughout his career, Mulrow has put that drive and passion to work for the citizens of New York. He has not forgotten his alma mater, however, and continues to support the university with donations and by endowing a scholarship for deserving Yale undergraduates. According to Mulrow, “Progress is rooted in access to a world-class education.”

It is not surprising that William Mulrow would choose to aid future Yale students in this way: Mulrow’s own humble beginnings continue to inspire him to work on behalf of those in need. His own parents were Irish immigrants of modest means. Mulrow notes, “Without financial aid I would never have been able to consider a school like Yale.” That same spirit of public responsibility has led Mulrow to accept leadership roles in numerous New York State agencies. While his primary focus has been the field of affordable housing, Mulrow has worked in a variety of positions in both the private and public arena to better the lot of New York residents.

William Mulrow credits Yale University with establishing a solid foundation upon which he could build his future success. The lessons learned from his years at Yale more than 30 years ago continue to benefit a broad constituency of New York residents today.

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